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iPad Air Sleeve
Codi, Model# C1226
Best Price: $22.99
Shipping: $9.99
Current Price Range: $22.99 - $25.99, Historical Price Range: $22.99 - $25.99


Simple and sleek, the Apple iPad Air Sleeve provides basic protection and mobility for your device. Use it for commutes to the office or tote between meetings for quick and convenient access to your iPad Air.

Buying Options

Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost Buy
1412849 New $22.99 $9.99 Buy Now
9853419 New $25.99 Free Buy Now

Price Change History

The price of this product has fallen 11.54% to the new low price of $22.99 on 11/30/2013.

Date Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost InStock
11/30/2013 Mac Mall 9853419 New $25.99 Free Yes
11/30/2013 The Nerds 1412849 New $22.99 $9.99 Yes
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