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Corsair Carbide 300R System Cabinet
Corsair, Model# CC-9011017-WW
Best Price: $88.99
Shipping: $16.46
Current Price Range: $88.99, Historical Price Range: $88.99 - $111.99


"117.7""19.1""23300R478.3""A compact expression of Corsair's gaming philosophy.Great systems start with a great case, and Carbide Series 300R provides a remarkable number of features in a compact chassis. Easy access, lots of room for expansion, and superior cooling make the 300R a great choice for building powerful PCs that don't take up a lot of room.Serious cooling potential.The 300R is equipped with two fans for intake and exhaust, and the integrated dust filters on the front and bottom intakes are easy removable. There's room for you to install five more fans, including mounting points for two side panel 120mm fans for drawing cool air directly over your GPUs. If you're building a multi-GPU gaming rig, proper graphics ventilation is essential.ATXAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)BlackCC-9011017-WWCarbideCarbide 300R System CabinetCorsairMicro ATXMid-towerSteelSystem CabinetYeshttp://www.corsair.com/us/"

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The price of this product has fallen 20.54% to the new low price of $88.99 on 11/30/2013.

Date Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost InStock
07/30/2013 The Nerds 1013789 New $111.99 $18.48 Yes
11/16/2013 The Nerds 1013789 New $88.99 $16.46 Yes
11/23/2013 The Nerds 1013789 New $88.99 $16.46 No
11/30/2013 The Nerds 1013789 New $88.99 $16.46 Yes
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