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Hawking HawkVision HNC5W Surveillance/Network Camera - Color - Board Mount
Hawking, Model# HNC5W
Best Price: $240.99
Shipping: $18.07
Current Price Range: $240.99, Historical Price Range: $240.99 - $294.99


"-165° to 165°1 Year1/4""12.21280 x 102430 fps3x4 mm4.0""4.4""5.9""60°8 MB90° to -15°Easy Setup for a Wired or Wireless Connection!This Hawking HawkVision Universal Smart Cam Pro eliminates the typical complicated setup required for most IP cameras. Simply plug the camera into your pre-existing LAN network via ethernet cable, insert the included CD into your computer, and run the IPFinder software to find your camera. Once connected, you can use the camera as a wired device, or configure your camera to connect wirelessly. You'll never have to change your router settings or sign up for a third party dynamic DNS service like with previous IP cameras.FCC Class BCE Class BHawkVision Universal Smart Cam ProCD (Setup Software, Product Documentation, UltraView Pro Software)Quick Installation GuideCamera StandWall Mount KitEthernet Cable (RJ-45)5V/1.5A Power AdapterMulti-Level User Access with Password ProtectionWEP (64/128bit)WPA2-PSK(AES/TKIP)Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 or later, Mac OS 10+Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later; Apple Safari 2 or later; Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later, Google ChromeMobile Devices: iOS and AndroidProcessor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Core 2 QuadRAM: 2GB or 4GBCD/DVD-Rom DriveWired Network (Ethernet LAN Port)Board MountCMOSCableColorDDNSDHCPDNSFast EthernetH.264HNC5WHTTPHawkVisionHawkVision Universal Smart Cam ProHawkingHawking Technologies, IncICMPIEEE 802.11b/g/nIOSMPEG-4MacMinimum 0 LuxMotion DetectionMotion JPEGNTPNetwork CameraPCPPPoESMTPTCP/IPUDPUPnPWi-FiWirelessYesf/2.8http://www.hawkingtech.com"

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The price of this product has fallen 18.31% to the new low price of $240.99 on 11/30/2013.

Date Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost InStock
07/30/2013 Mac Mall 9490813 New $294.99 Free Yes
07/30/2013 The Nerds 1131840 New $240.99 $18.07 Yes
11/16/2013 The Nerds 1131840 New $240.99 $18.07 No
11/16/2013 Mac Mall 9490813 New $294.99 Free No
11/30/2013 The Nerds 1131840 New $240.99 $18.07 Yes
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