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IK Multimedia iKlip Tablet PC Holder
IK Multimedia, Model# IP-IKLIP-STANDMN-IN
Best Price: $45.99
Shipping: $9.99
Current Price Range: $45.99 - $59.99, Historical Price Range: $45.99 - $60.99


iKlip Stand is a new tabletop holder that raises your iPad and iPad mini above the desktop, positioning it for perfect access while using keyboards, mixers, controllers and other equipment. Tower over your Gear iKlip Stand is a tabletop holder that puts your iPad right where you need it. iKlip Stand elevates your iPad or iPad mini, making room for keyboards and other equipment below, and provides a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace when using your iPad at a desk. Originally developed for musicians to place their iPad above music keyboards, mixers, or other studio devices, iKlip Stand also offers a wide range of applications for office, home and school. In your Face Designed for ideal weight balance and constructed from rugged thermoplastic material, iKlip Stand provides a secure and flexible perch for the iPad. Two independent articulation points allow you to adjust both height and viewing angle, in either portrait or landscape mode with a simple turn of the hand, putting your iPad right in the center of your attention.Adjustable Viewing AngleApple iPad miniDesktopHorizontalIK MultimediaIK Multimedia Production srlIP-IKLIP-STANDMN-INItalyMetalSturdyTablet PC HolderThermoplasticVerticalhttp://www.ikmultimedia.comiKlipiKlip Tablet PC Holder

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1387214 New $45.99 $9.99 Buy Now
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Price Change History

The price of this product has fallen 13.21% to the new low price of $45.99 on 11/30/2013.

Date Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost InStock
11/16/2013 Mac Mall 9524823 New $59.99 Free Yes
11/16/2013 The Nerds 1387214 New $60.99 $9.99 Yes
11/17/2013 Mac Mall 9524823 New $59.99 $10.29 Yes
11/20/2013 Mac Mall 9524823 New $59.99 Free Yes
11/21/2013 Mac Mall 9524823 New $59.99 $10.29 Yes
11/22/2013 The Nerds 1387214 New $52.99 $9.99 Yes
11/26/2013 Mac Mall 9524823 New $59.99 Free Yes
11/30/2013 The Nerds 1387214 New $45.99 $9.99 Yes
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