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Lenovo Horizon Multi-mode Table HT600
Lenovo, Model# 888015058
Best Price: $283.99
Shipping: $19.88
Current Price Range: $283.99 - $378.99, Historical Price Range: $283.99 - $399.99


"1 Year21.7""22.71 lb24.7""33.1""4888015058Adjustable HeightCasterCompactComputer CartErgonomicFlexibleHeight Adjustment LeverHorizon Multi-mode Table HT600IdeaCentre Horizon Multi-mode Table is an ergonomic design table seamlessly integrated with IdeaCentre Horizon table PC. This Multi-mode table support height adjustable frame, Tilting work surface, easy angle adjustment, easy movement can help consumer enjoy Horizon in different scenario & different place. This Multi-mode table can enhance your Horizon experience for Multi-user Multi-scenario, and support use in flat table Mode & Desktop Mode. The table has been designed as a easy setup equipment, use can assemble it without any special tools.- Delicate and compact, fashionable and decorative for home - Unique air lever, flexible for height adjustment - Flat or vertical, angle adjustable for your multi-mode use - Quality truckles for free move and enjoymentLenovoLenovo Group LimitedManoeuvrableTablet PCYeshttp://www.lenovo.com/us/en/"

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Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost Buy
1406681 New $283.99 $19.88 Buy Now
9729971 New $378.99 Free Buy Now

Price Change History

The price of this product has fallen 25.07% to the new low price of $283.99 on 11/30/2013.

Date Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost InStock
11/16/2013 Mac Mall 9729971 New $399.99 Free Yes
11/16/2013 The Nerds 1406681 New $283.99 $19.88 Yes
11/19/2013 The Nerds 1406681 New $283.99 $19.88 No
11/22/2013 Mac Mall 9729971 New $399.99 Free No
11/30/2013 Mac Mall 9729971 New $378.99 Free Yes
11/30/2013 The Nerds 1406681 New $283.99 $19.88 Yes
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