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Zalman Dual Fans Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler
Zalman, Model# CNPS9900DF
Best Price: $69.99
Shipping: $9.99
Current Price Range: $69.99 - $87.99, Historical Price Range: $69.99 - $87.99


"1 x 1000 rpm1 x 1400 rpm1 x 4.72""1 x 5.51""1.87 lb12 V DC234.3""5.5""6.1""Intel Processors:Core i7 ExtremeCore i7Core i5Core i3Core 2 QuadCore 2 DuoCore 2 ExtremePentium Dual CorePentium DPentium 4Celeron DAMD Processors:LIanoTrinityVisheraZambeziPhenom IIAthlon IIPhenomAthlon FXAthlon X2AthlonSempronDual-Core OpteronOpteronDual Fans Ultra Quiet CPU CoolerBackplateIntel ClipAMD ClipY Cable ConnectorSide CapsDouble Sided TapeLoading BlockThermal GreaseUser's ManualSpannerNutsGold Bolts (Socket 1366)Silver Bolts (Socket 2011)Silver Bolts B (3mm, Socket 1156/1155/775/AMD)CNPS9900CNPS9900DFClip MountCooling Fan/HeatsinkCopper BaseCopper FinCopper Heat PipeDual Fans Ultra Quiet CPU CoolerInternalLong Life BearingProcessorSlide BearingSocket AM2 PGA-940Socket AM2+ PGA-940Socket AM3 PGA-941Socket AM3+Socket B LGA-1366Socket FM1Socket FM2Socket H LGA-1156Socket H2 LGA-1155Socket R LGA-2011Socket T LGA-775ZalmanZalman Tech Co., LTDhttp://www.zalmanusa.com"

Buying Options

Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost Buy
1390192 New $69.99 $9.99 Buy Now
9511467 New $87.99 Free Buy Now

Price Change History

The price of this product has fallen 11.39% to the new low price of $69.99 on 11/30/2013.

Date Merchant SKU Condition Price Shipping Cost InStock
11/16/2013 Mac Mall 9511467 New $87.99 Free Yes
11/16/2013 The Nerds 1390192 New $78.99 $9.99 Yes
11/17/2013 Mac Mall 9511467 New $87.99 $10.29 Yes
11/20/2013 Mac Mall 9511467 New $87.99 Free Yes
11/21/2013 Mac Mall 9511467 New $87.99 $10.29 Yes
11/26/2013 Mac Mall 9511467 New $87.99 Free Yes
11/30/2013 The Nerds 1390192 New $69.99 $9.99 Yes
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